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Universal kit Active Sound incl. Sound Booster without sound genererator for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda

The Sound Booster Pro – now with software to download !!!

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The Soundbooster simulates a large-volume engine (V6 / V8) or create a unique new sound characteristic.


The basis is a sound generator. An electrical input signal (z. B. speed) is passed into the system and so the electro-acoustic converter generates an auditory signal. This he sends through a conduit by transmission of sound and / or any related exhaust system, or a pipe.


KUFATEC manufactures the Sound Booster Pro for just about any make and model. The condition is an engine CAN bus system. Then can either be installed on the vehicle underbody or in the vehicle interior (spare wheel) of the sound generator. Although already an Active Sound System is installed at the factory, the expansion set (Intensify Boost Set) brings further enhanced sound. The Sound Booster Pro is the perfect solution for a sonorous exhaust note, without an expensive, gas-guzzling, high-volume motor to buy. The Active Sound system can be switched by pressing a button and easily, you should go through a noise reserve once.

  • known is this system of Audi, in which it is installed at the factory for all TDI engines with 313 hp
  • the external sound generator "simulates" a large-volume engine and drowned so partly the typical TDI noise
  • this sound is achieved with no sport exhaust system
  • in profile 1 you get a very decent sound for noise-sensitive areas
  • the KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro gives the entire system a unique sound
  • a powerful V6 / V8 (depending on configuration) sound, powerful in sound
  • You can even choose between 6 sound profiles
  • Sound Profile selection via the button (we recommend installing Front z. B. in the driver's footwell), vehicle integrated control or the remote control


Chosen option:

  • VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda



  • Control unit for engine noise generation
  • Sound Booster Pro (Module)
  • Cableset



  • The external sound generator is not included in the delivery.
  • Through this retrofit, the noise emission of the vehicle changes - the regulations of the StVZO must be observed.